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Akan Names According To Order of Birth

Akan Names According To Order of Birth. The Akan ethnic group has certain names which are derived from the order of birth of the children.

For example the first/last born child has a special name so do twins and the child born after twins. See below details:

TawiaMale/FemaleAkanborn after twin
NyankomagoMale/FemaleAkansecond born after a twin
BaakoMaleAkanFirst born
ManuMale/FemaleAkanSecond born
MensaMaleAkanThird born
MansaFemaleAkanThird born
Annan/AnaneMaleAkanFourth born
AnumMaleAkanFifth born
NsiaMaleAkanSixth born
NsonwaaMaleAkanSeventh born
AwotweMaleAkanEigth born
NkrumahMaleAkanNinth born
BaduMaleAkanTenth born
PiesieMaleAkanFirst born
KaakyireMaleAkanLast born

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