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Ananse Story: Why The Spider Is Bald?

Ananse Story: Why The Spider Is Bald? Kwaku Ananse,  the Spider,was invited to a cocktail party at His fathers-in-law’s house. He went with his wife.

Ananse Story: Why Anansi Has Eight Skinny Legs

Once upon a time, there lived a spider called Anansi. Though Anansi’s wife was a very good cook, the greedy spider loved nothing more than to taste other people’s food.

Ananse Story: The Princess’s Wedding

Ananse Story: The Princess’s Wedding. There was joy in the air as the villagers of the Asante tribe in Kumasi gathered for the three day celebration of the Crown Princess’s wedding.

Ananse Story: Friends Forever

Ananse Story: Friends Forever. There once lived a mouse and frog who were very good friends.

Kweku Ananse and His New Wife

Kweku Ananse and His New Wife. Traditionally, Kweku Anansi is seen as a trickster. The word ‘Anansi’ means spider in Akan, but the character is sometimes portrayed as a man.

Ananse and his Shadow

Ananse and his Shadow. Once upon a time, there lived a greedy spider called Kwaku Ananse. Such was his greed that he did not care about his wife and children, he thought of only himself.

Ananse and the Birds

Ananse and the Birds. Once upon a time, long ago, there was a long drought and severe famine in the land, rivers dried up, the trees stood dry and denuded of leaves.

Ananse and the Village People

Ananse and the Village People. Once upon a time, Kweku Ananse lived in a village called pong. The people of Pong were very united.

Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom

West Africa is the home of Anansi, a folk hero, who is both spider and man. He is a trickster, a provider of wisdom and a keeper of stories.

Kweku Ananse and his Mother-in-Law

One day Kweku Ananse visited his mother-in-law. He had always seemed a gentleman and so his mother-in-law, Yaa-Yaa Kesewaa, treated him with all the respect he deserved.

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