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Ananse Story: Why The Spider Is Bald?

Ananse Story: Why The Spider Is Bald?

Kwaku Ananse,  the Spider,was invited to a cocktail party at His fathers-in-law’s house. He went with his wife. They put on their best and were warmly received when they got there.

Ananse’s father -in-law was very happy to have his son in law in his house.He engaged him in conversation and took him around to greet many of the guests around. Ananse did not like the party because he was very hungry.He didn’t understand why there was no food but chips, khebabs and plenty drinks.

At the end of the party, Ananse thanked his father-in-law and said he wanted to beg leave of him.As he was begging leave of his father -in-law, he smelt some boiling beans from the kitchen.He quickly went into the kitchen.There was a huge pot of boiling beans on the fire.He looked to his left and to his right ,there was nobody around,he quickly removed his hat and filled it with some beans and put it on again.He came out of the kitchen and wanted to slip away,but his father-in-law saw him and engaged him in a conversation again.

Ananse felt uncomfortable,the beans had started burning his head terribly.He badly wanted to go, but still the father -in-law continued talking. He started sweating.He told his father-in-law that he wanted to leave,but his father-in-law was so fond of his son-in-law that he decided to see him off.

They came out of the house with his wife closely behind him. Ananse was indeed in trouble. His father-in-law talked and talked and the beans burnt Ananse’s head.It burnt to a point where Ananse could not control himself any longer.He quickly lifted his hat from his head and the beans poured out from the hat.His father-in-law was shocked to the bone. His wife felt ashamed.

Ananse was so ashamed that he ran away.The spider became bald since because the beans burnt his hair off.

People need not be ashamed of something which is their hearts desire.Ask and you shall be given,seek and you shall find,knock and it shall be opened.(matt7:7)

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