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Wearing Kente Clothe For Women Now

Wearing Kente Clothe For Women Now. Kente is a ceremonial cloth hand-woven on a horizontal treadle loom, kente comes in strips measuring about 4 inches wide and sown together into larger pieces of cloth.

It comes in variety of colours and different designs.

Kente Royal Cloth are very important for its rich colours and meaningful designs.

Infact the premisence of the Asante Monarchy is interfered with the Kente cloth.

The Kente weaver gives each piece of cloth philosophical, historical and divine name.

Determining what kind of Kente cloth to wear depends on the event as the colors and weave kente clothe patterns have meanings.

First determine the message you would like to send by your choice of color and pattern and make sure it is appropriate for the event. Once you have decided on the cloth, follow these steps to wear it in the traditional manner.

Wearing kente for women is a bit easy compared to the men although it might look complicated. It is very simple,

Enjoy as we take you through this simple process

  1. Wrap the Kente Cloth around the body, underneath the arms (exposing the shoulders) and at waist or breast level. You may also wrap Kente around the shoulders to wear as a shawl.
  2. You can then fix your head gear neatly and there you goo.

Wearing Kente Clothe For Women Now

Wearing Kente Clothe For Women Now


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